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CA Thrasher Editorial is a boutique editorial and production company specializing in collaborating with authors to develop digital media. We work coast to coast, from San Francisco to Boston–wherever we’re needed most. For a consultation, call (408) 659-0062 or email amanda@thrashereditorial.com.

Partner with Thrasher Editorial for author and subject matter expert collaboration and management; writing, editing, and content development; multimedia project management; multimedia and video vendor management; instructional video production; video shoot direction and management; HTML5 development and Flash conversion; indie filmmaking.

On location with A&P author Erin Amerman


Amanda JS Kaufmann founded CA Thrasher Editorial, LLC, a digital media company, in 2015. Kaufmann, a writer and editor by trade, is an authoring specialist and has comprehensive publishing and production experience with clients focused on academics, technology, and healthcare. With her dedicated network of A/V professionals, Kaufmann has directed and produced video projects across the country, and she is expanding her personal reach with the development of independent film projects, including co-founding KK Studios with actor/producer Kristin Kueter. Follow her latest film project at https://twitter.com/H2OGlassFilm.

Kaufmann received her undergraduate degree in creative writing from the University of Arizona, Tucson, with an emphasis in short fiction and playwriting, and she went on to earn her master’s degree in English/TESOL at California State University East Bay, Hayward. She is an experienced higher education instructor with a focus on college and developmental writing, as well as online learning.

Editorial director & producer Amanda JS Kaufmann, deep in the writing process
Called “the author whisperer” by colleagues, Kaufmann is dedicated to the content she helps develop; here she confirms shots for an A&P lab series

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